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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.

World Ventures UNITED

Seven screen staging project utilizing a single Mac Pro. The two big outboard screens were our landscape IMAG screens and were fed by video switcher. The 5 inside portrait screens were 4 13.5' x 24 rear projection screens and a center LED wall that measured 16 x 25 and was on tracks that moved it forward and backward.

Used a 2014 Mac Pro (8 Core with 32GB RAM, 1TB of Flash Storage, Upgraded D7000 Graphics Cards). Outputs were a 1080 signal for my user monitor, a 1080 signal for video playback to the switcher, and three 1280x720 signals from a TripleHead2Go along with 2 more 1080 outputs. 5 Thunderbolt outputs were used for video and one was for video input from the camera switcher via a Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D (which I was pleasantly surprised to find had roughly 2 frames of latency). So, a total of three 720p outputs and four 1080 outputs.

Individual layers were set up for each screen as well as options to use the 5 inside screens as one canvas at certain cues. IMAG input from the switcher was cropped in PVP for a portrait look for the center wall and a scaled landscape IMAG look that stretched over the whole 5 screen canvas. When running the IMAG feed i experimented a lot with effects sets or manually blending motion loops with IMAG.

Very cool stuff!

Matt Walden describes the project in detail with this video addition.

Spanning image across inner projection and LED wall

Separate images on different layers from PVP2

Output to inner screens directly from PVP and to IMAG screens on outside through camera switcher.

Single video spanning all interior screens