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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Visitors entering The Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional, in Thibodaux, Louisiana, are immediately engaged by a 17-minute video show that showcases the native beauty of Louisiana. With content powered by Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer2 (PVP2) across three massive 4K video displays, the multi-screen experience, born from VisionQuest Design & Production of Atlanta, features nature scenes, landmarks, plantations, and the Bayou among other local places.

Prominently featured in the spacious lobby of The Wellness Center’s new Education Center, visitors can also activate interactive options via a touchscreen.    [read more...]

Flyover America

The second ever FlyOver America installation is at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP2) is powering playback for FlyOver America’s informative and engaging pre-boarding video experience.

FlyOver America is a fully immersive virtual flight ride that brings guests on an aerial tour of some of the greatest landmarks and regions throughout the United States.    [read more...]

Sheraton Waikiki 4D Pool Projection

This is the first permanent architectural projection onto a swimming pool in the world. The system is comprised of 5 x 40K lumen and 2 x 20k lumen projectors and runs on two ProVideoPlayer servers streaming close to 22 million pixels.

The five Barco 40k projectorss are on the roof of the 31 story hotel.    [read more...]

Commissioning Event

Every June, The Salvation Army rallies it's troops from the 13 western United States at an event held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Ostensibly, this is to mark the ordination or "commissioning" of new Salvation Army officers (pastors), but it's also an opportunity to share in fellowship and creative corporate worship.    [read more...]

Using one of the new Mac Pros, we used 2 DP to VGA adapters and one TH2GO with three outputs running out of the Mac Pro. Our video guys built the video in After Effects, outputted it as a single .mov file and we played it back on 5 screens in the house.    [read more...]

World Ventures UNITED

Seven screen staging project utilizing a single Mac Pro. The two big outboard screens were our landscape IMAG screens and were fed by video switcher.    [read more...]

The 2014 International Pastors and Leadership Conference ( incorporated a wall of projected screens to allow a versatile background for all occasions. They also wanted to encourage social engagement at times with a live stream of tweets using their conference hashtag #PLconf.    [read more...]

SALT Nashville 2013

Used ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter for our conference to drive lyrics on the main wall and the video front projected with two projectors.    [read more...]

American Bible Society Atrium

The American Bible Society recently remodeled their Atrium at the New York City based headquarters. The project was unveiled at a special event for the History Channel's The Bible series.

The Atrium project used ProVideoPlayer HD with PVP Network Nodes to provide content for a 4x2 Barco video wall.    [read more...]

5-Wide Video Staging

(5) Hitachi Ultra-short throw projectors (1) MVD20X Splittlers (1) MacBookPro w/ ProVideoPlayer & ProPresenter5    [read more...]

Versace Retail Space

Fashion trends are ever-changing. To show off the latest Versace fashions in a dynamic way at their Atlanta location, Versace incorporated a 1 wide by 3-tall video wall using seamless bezel plasma displays.    [read more...]

Dirt Conference Outdoor Mapping

Using a laptop, a TripleHead2Go, ProVideoPlayer HD, and three 5000 lumen projectors, we were able to create a dynamic evening display on the front of New Life Church in Little Rock, AR.    [read more...]

BigStuf 2009

BigStuf camps are all about creative stage designthis install utilizes ProVideoPlayer mapped across multiple plasma displays and a circular center rear-screen projection, coupled with Barco MiStrips for a spectacular staging effect.    [read more...]

Peter Lik Photography Storefront

Peter Lik is a world renowned nature photographer with multiple retail stores throughout the U.S. To create this 4x3 video wall, they incorporated 4 Mac Minis and DualHead2Gos along with four ProVideoPlayer network nodes networked together to display video at its native resolution on each display.    [read more...]

LCD Cross

Using two Mac Minis with ProVideoPlayer and TripleHead2Gos, custom mapping was provided by Renewed Vision to display video content within the pixel space of the cross configuration of the screens.    [read more...]

Calvin Klein Macy

Macy's Herald Square in New York is one of the largest department stores in the world. Calvin Klein wanted an eye-catching, dynamic image within the store so they used multiple stand-alone ProVideoPlayer machines on Mac Minis to show off the latest styles.    [read more...]

Calvin Klein Magic Booth

Calvin Klein incorporated seamless plasma displays along with static light boxes to create a "ribbon" around the perimeter of their trade show booth. The 12 seamless plasmas were powered by 4 Mac minis with TripleHead2Gos displaying 853x480 discreet content to each of the displays.    [read more...]

Projection on Palms Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas

For the World Series of Poker the exterior of the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas became the surface for a massive display of architectural projection.

The video is approximately 19 stories tall at 60' wide by 175' tall.

The project used four 20,000 lumen projectors on the side of the hotel and playback was powered by a single Mac Pro running ProVideoPlayer through a DVI router.

Take a look at the video below to see the full effect of this fantastic content.    [read more...]

BigStuf 2012 Projection Frames

ProPresenter's corner pinning and masking functionality came into great use for this "eye candy" effect at BigStuf 2012. The creation of a front projection frame around a rear projection main screen had some complications.    [read more...]

Outdoor Architectural Projection

Video is not limited to indoor use on screens. Much of what PVP allows is for creative use of video in ways and on surfaces not normally thought possible.    [read more...]

Environmental Projection

ProVideoPlayer controlling 3 projectors for Environmental Projection    [read more...]

Amgen Trade Show Booth

For a trade show booth biopharmaceutical company, Amgen, utilized ProVideoPlayer to power a 6 screen video display. The screens were powered by ProVideoPlayer via 8 Mac Minis, a master for each bank of 3 screens as well as the 3 network nodes that delivered the content to the six 20K projectors.

See the video below to see how the content was created to account for the negative space between the screens.    [read more...]

Boehringer Ingelheim Trade Show Booth

This video-heavy trade show booth utilized 3 vertical flat screens in each of the four corners of the booth synchronized with digital signage projection on the main walls. As each drug is highlighted on the main screensmore information about the drug is highlighted on the plasma displays.    [read more...]

Chris Tomlin Tour

This particular video design for the Chris Tomlin Tour (featuring Matt Redman and Louie Giglio) featured a center screen driven by ProPresenter surrounded by Barco MiStrips driven by ProVideoPlayer.

The tour needed to be able to change video on the projector and strips at the same time, but they were driven by different programs running different applications. Enter the Master Control Module, which allowed backgrounds in ProPresenter to be controlled by ProVideoPlayer.    [read more...]

Federated Department Stores

Twenty networked Mac Minis running ProVideoPlayer synchronized the 1280x720 80-minute discreet content clips being fed to the twenty edge-bleneded 20k lumen projectors powering this 600 foot by 24 foot display for Federated Department Stores annual meeting. This combined for an impressive 25,600x720 total resolution.

The display was set up at the Madalay Bay convention center in Las Vegas and was used to display buildings for a cocktail hour, a dynamic beach scene for the morning breakfast, and a jungle scene for lunch.    [read more...]

Children's Health Care of Atlanta Interactive Video Wall

   [read more...]

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz of Manhattan had an odd window in their building. A long strip right in the middle of the building that they thought could be used for dynamic advertising.    [read more...]

Big Stuf 27 Screen Video Wall

We believe the first known shipment of Matrox TripleHead2Go units in the United States was used to power this 27 screen video wall in 2007. Content was loaded and synchronized on 9 mac Minis, each with a TripleHead2Go, and the support structure could be moved to create 3 separate 3x3 video walls or one single 9x3 wall.    [read more...]


ProPresenter has been used at all Catalyst conferences since its inception.

In this particular set up, a round LED cylinder was used for IMAG to provide video support to the venue, which was in the round. ProPresenter was used for all lyric and Scripture support.

Below the LED is a cylinder of Barco MiStrips, driven by PVP.

In front of the stage on each side was a series of 6 plasma displays, powered by two Mac Minis and two copies of PVP, through a TripleHead2Go.    [read more...]

ProVideoPlayer (PVP) was used to feed this array of video to this disparate group of displays. In all there are 13 displays.    [read more...]