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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.

What is ProPresenter?What is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy — such productions include worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or even broadcast television. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies of your computer, ProPresenter operators control a presentation on one screen, while dynamically affecting the visuals and lyrics experienced by an audience on one or more screens. Used by ministries and organizations all over the world for more than a decade, we have taken our valued users' feedback to create ProPresenter version 5 — the evolution of our award winning presentation software.

This major version release builds upon the incredible foundational capabilities we built in ProPresenter version 4 and adds completely new functionality to make preparation easier, and the overall impact of your presentations even greater. We invite you to browse these features by clicking on the options to the left.


Pricing is $399 for Single License and $799 for a Site License (site licenses are only available to houses of worship). Upgrades from Pro4 are 50% off the retail price. Upgrades from ProPresenter 3 are no longer available for a discount (ended March 30, 2012).

What Does It Look Like?

Our customers overwhelmingly approve of the look and feel we have refined in ProPresenter 3 and 4, so why change a good thing? The award-winning WYSIWYG interface continues to evolve, however, with refinements and functionality befitting the current trends in user interfaces. Familiarity with previous versions will have you ready to work with ProPresenter 5. Plus, a completely customizable toolbar will allow each organization to get quick access to the functions they use most.

System Requirements?

While the software may work on systems that do not meet these requirements, those systems will not be supported. As always, you will be able to download the software at no charge to test performance on any computer before making a purchase.

ProPresenter version 5.1 (minimum Mac specifications with Cloud support) - Available Now!

  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better
  • OS: MacOS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Graphics Card: Dual display with screen spanning capability (a dedicated graphics card with 512MB VRAM is recommended)
  • Stage Display: Additional output required for stage display function (third video out - PCI or USB). Only current iMacs and Retina MacBooks have 3rd video output built-in to support this out of the box.

ProPresenter version 5 (minimum Windows specifications) - Available Now!

  • Processor: 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo or above
  • OS: - Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    - Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center (more info)
    - Windows 10
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: A dedicated/discrete graphics card is required. We recommend an NVIDIA GeForce series or ATI Radeon HD series card with a minimum of 1GB of dedicated memory. DirectX 9.0c or later is required. (Intel HD and AMD FirePro cards are not supported. NVIDIA Quadro cards are not recommended.)
  • Stage Display: Additional output required for stage display function (third video out - PCI or USB)

NOTE: For heavy or advanced use of video (i.e. multiple video clips per slide, HD content, etc.), a faster system is advised.

Slide Transitions and Animated Text Boxes

Slide Transitions ProPresenter has always had smooth, seamless cross dissolves between slides and video elements. Now we've added some incredible new transitions. These aren't cheesy eighties-era wipes. We're talking 3D animations that are layer independent. So, for example, words can "fly-in" from the top right while backgrounds dissolve underneath. In addition, slide fly-ins can be made to "hover" in continuous motion for as long as they are active before flying off as the next slide flies in.

Our aim with this design is to enhance the caliber of your everyday presentations and make it easy to create tasteful motion presentations from right within ProPresenter.

Here is a screen shot of our new slide transitions panel showing both the full A/B transitions to choose from as well as all the motion options:

This video shows an assortment of these transitions and motions in action:

Fast Song Search with Song Select

Song Select Searching for and downloading song lyrics has never been easier than with ProPresenter 5. Song Select is the CCLI website for looking up copyrighted lyrics. While this was built into ProPresenter 4, we integrated the new Song Select API directly into ProPresenter 5, so your searches and results are much faster and more accurate. You enter your user name and password just once and ProPresenter 5 will save the info for use. This makes searching for and finding the right song trivial and you can quickly populate a entire playlist even from scratch once you have the song set.

Shown below is the new quick access panel (replacing the web page in Pro4):

Song Select / CCLI Reporting

ProPresenter 5 includes the ability to create CCLI reports for the songs you use. During your CCLI reporting period, CCLI requires that reports be filed when a presentation is first created. ProPresenter 5 makes this process easy to track and report right within the application.

Shown below is the export panel, available via the Preferences screen in Pro5:

alert iconTo sign up for a CCLI and get access to Song Select within ProPresenter, please visit their site ( This company makes sure your organziation is legally authorized to use the work of others in worship and compensates artists appropriately.

Video / Image Effects

Video and Image Effects ProPresenter 5 now features some powerful new video effects beyond those introduced in ProPresenter 4. Now not only can you change the hue, saturation, contrast, and speed of video clips, you can also apply color filters and blurs dynamically to images and videos.

As always, these settings can be saved on a per instance basis. So one clip can have multiple versions of itself despite only existing once on the hard drive.

The screen shot below shows the updated "Media Properites" window with the new options available:

Scripture Enhancements

Scripture EnhancementsProPresenter has enhanced its scripture presentation engine to include the ability to put scripture references into a separately placed text box. Many users have requested the ability to automatically format the reference separately from the verse, and this feature accomplishes this task.

We've also included the ability to add verses to an existing presentation. So in the case where a presentation with a range of verses from one chapter has already been created, it's now easy to add verses from other chapters searched on to that selected presentation. You can now easily create a single presentation for all of the scripture references for the Pastor's sermon.

Shown below are the multiple text boxes, one for the scripture and one for the verse reference:

Planning Center Online

Planning Center On-lineMany of our church customers use Planning Center Online to manage resources and their worship plans. ProPresenter 5 now includes integration with Planning Center enabling you to download your service plans, attach presentations to specific plan elements, and get live updates of your plans right within ProPresenter.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like:

DVD Ripping

DVD Ripping While ProPresenter 5 maintains the ability to playback DVDs from within the software directly, it's not always the best method since DVD's are not very reliable. As an alternative to this for presentations that are not last minute, we have created the ability to rip DVD Content right within Pro5 (for non-copyrighted material only).

On this screen shot, we see the same DVD interface, but now there's a small "Rip" button in the lower right corner and it brings up the "Encoding" window as it creates the QuickTime movie of the in/out range defined:

Text Reflow

Text Reflow ProPresenter has always made it easy to edit slides, but now we've made it as easy as editing text in a text editor. Whether you're changing the flow of a song's text during import or creating a new version of an existing song in your Library, ProPresenter 5's Text Reflow functionality gives you a complete view of a song's text on the left hand side and a slide view on the right. You can easily change line breaks, slide breaks, add labels in this text edit view. You can see how the changes make your slides look as the slide view updates with your changes. This is a substantial time saver versus having to edit on a slide by slide basis.

This is the Text Reflow interface:

Corner Pinning

Corner Pinning Correction Projection can be a tricky business as you can't always set up projectors in a straight-on fashion. This leads to misshapen angles as opposed to a nice, rectangular projection. ProPresenter 5 now offers a way to adjust the corners of the projected output to better accommodate off-angle projection. By all means, if you can reposition your projector optimally, do so, but when it's not possible, ProPresenter's new corner pinning correction makes it easier for you to improve the caliber of your presentations.

Do you use our Advanced Module for 2- or 3-Screen output? The ProPresenter 5 corner pinning function works for each of the outputs.

Corner Pinning values are set in the "Displays" Preference in ProPresenter:

Hot Folders

Hot Media Folders ProPresenter 5 now has a new "Hot Folder" item that mirrors a folder on your computer. It dynamically adds and subtracts media files in ProPresenter according to its existence in that folder. This means you can keep all of your media in one place and it will automatically be added or removed in your Hot Folder in ProPresenter. You can create multiple hot folders in the Video/Image bin and contents will be updated in real time.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like in Pro5:

Cued Transitions

Cued Transitions ProPresenter 5 delivers one of the most frequently requested features... "Can I set a different transition within presentations on a per slide basis?" The answer now is YES. There is still a global setting, but now one can set a default for a specific presentation or even set it per slide, so every slide change can have a different transition.

This screen shot shows how to select a transition as well as how each slide is marked when it has cued transition set. A blue icon indicates a slide level transtion while a green icon indicates a background layer transition on each thumbnail:

Twitter Integration

Twitter Few technologies have facilitated communication between people at large gatherings like Twitter. ProPresenter 5 features a new Twitter feed feature that allows you to search by keywords or hashtags, moderate tweets, and display them on rotation using your choice of templates.

Search results are shown in the left column where they can be reviewed and approved for display. Approved tweets will be added to the active rotation on your output, and can be removed at any time.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like:

Here is an example of what this could look like:

Stage Display 2.0

Stage Display Enhancements ProPresenter 4 introduced the industry's most robust confidence monitor with the Stage Display feature. The fully customizable Stage Display offers an easy way for stage personel to view current slide text, next slide text, notes, countdowns, current time, and custom messages sent by the ProPresenter operator.

Stage Display 2.0 takes the industry's best Stage Display to the next level. These enhancements include:

  • "Text Only" Updates: You can now change the text justification and color of "text only" stage display text boxes and notes.
  • Video Countdown: We have added a video countdown timer so the people on stage can now see how much time is remaining in a currently playing video.
  • Countdown Updates: We have added countdown timer enhancements allowing the user to change the color of the countdown timer when it reaches 0:00 and enters an over run state. You can also set the color of text for the each countdown timer individually as well as the clock and time elapsed boxes.
  • Stage Message Updates: You can now change the color of the flashing box for the stage message, or remove the flash altogether.
  • Chord Charts: Stage Display 2.0 introduces the use of chord charts on the stage display. You can display PDF chord charts for each song, and you can even set cues for the chord chart to change with a specific slide. Many chord charts are multiple pages, so this allows you to make sure the chord chart updates with the appropriate part of each song.
  • Text Only To Stage Display: Users now have the ability to send "text only" to the Stage Display and not the main output. This is very helpful for performance songs where you do not want lyrics on the audience screens but still want them to be visible on the Stage Display.

This new functionality will be complemented by a new version of the Stage Display App for iOS devices.

The updated configuration panel looks like this:

The stage display with chord chart option looks like this:

alert iconNote: Having Bluetooth enabled is known to slow the app down a great deal, so it's recommended Bluetooth be turned off for optimal performance.

Stage DisplayProPresenter Stage Display App for iOS

We also have this capability available for iOS in the form of our ProPresenter Stage Display App. This allows ProPresenter to broadcast the Stage Display data stream via a WiFi network (text only, no images) to any iOS device running the Stage Display App. It's very cool and highly useful in certain situations where running a video line is a challenge due to expense or obstables.

Stage DisplayUpon logging in, all layouts defined on that system will be downloaded to the device. The user can choose which ever layout they prefer, regardless of what the main system has selected. Now the Pastor can be looking at one layout on his/her iPhone while the band can be seeing another. Everyone can have their own layout using this system simultaneously.

alert iconNote: Having Bluetooth enabled is known to slow the app down a great deal, so it's recommended Bluetooth be turned off for optimal performance.

Slide Grouping and Arrangements

Slide Grouping and Arrangements The foundation of ProPresenter has always been the easy display of song lyrics. We recognize, however, that songs aren't always sung the same way from week to week. Sometimes you want to skip a verse, repeat a chorus, or change the arrangment altogether. ProPresenter 5's new Groups and Arrangments feature allows you to accomplish this easily.

First, create groups of slides and give the group a name (such as Verse 1, Chorus, Bridge, etc.). You can then create Arrangements by dragging tokens indicative of each slide group to your arrangment. The process is fast and easy, and allows you to set your volunteers up for success by showing them every slide a song has, in order.

When you edit a slide within the group, all instances of that slide will be updated in all of the arrangements of that song, so misspellings need only be corrected one time.

All Arrangments are stored as part of the presentation file, and each instance of a presentation within a playist can have its own "active" arrangment, allowing you to set your volunteer users up for success with all the slides to be sung on any given Sunday.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like in the presentation window:

Printing Enhancements

Printing We have greatly enhanced our printing capabilities of ProPresenter 5. Now you can choose to include slide notes, print the thumbnails of the slides, include presentation information, and layout text in multiple columns dynamically.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like in the printer panel:

This is what a print out would look like now with the new slide view option:

Media Management

Media Management Managing media is often a challenge given its size and all the places it can be stored (multiple locations on a hard drive, purchased CD/DVD, thumb drives, downloads, content created by your organization, and content located on multiple systems, etc.). ProPresenter 5 offers a new method to help facilitate this management. With this option enabled, when you import media into ProPresenter it will move this media to a default location. If the media is not located on that drive (network volume, CD/DVD, thumb drive, etc.), it will copy it to this location. This optional method automatically consolidates all of your media into one folder, greatly simplifying media management.

This is set in the "General" Preferences panel as shown below (a specific path can be designated as well):

Multi-Screen Templates

Multi-Screen Templates The Multi-Screen Module for ProPresenter 5 (sold separately; previously called the "Advanced Module") now offers the ability to select a different template per screen. This allows you to have the text placement, font, etc on one screen be different than the output format on another screen. This flexibility helps accommodate unique output requirements in a production. For example, you can select a template with lower third text for the outside screens and select a template with centered text for the center screen. You can also have a different template for all three screens if desired.

The Preference Panel now has the following extra choices for Alternative Templates:

Fill in the Blank and Bullet Point Reveals

Fill in the Blank and Bullet Point Reveals Two new reveals for ProPresenter 5 are the Fill-in-the-Blank and Bullet Point features. As the names imply, these features allow users to dynamically create fill-in-the-blank or bullet point reveals on a single slide. ProPresenter recognizes a hard return or under lined word as a reveal element and each successive click on the slide will advance through the reveal, filling in a blank or displaying the next bullet point.

This visual tool has been used for years in churches and schools to emphasize a point and enhance audience participation. Now the same can be done easily in ProPresenter 5 with a single slide and a visual indicator of where the user is in the reveal process.

The slide below shows new symbols at the bottom. These green bubbles indicate what point (or blank) has been revealed:

Template Import/Export

Template Import/Export ProPresenter 5 now allows you to create templates on one system and export/import them to another system. This is a very useful feature for the artistic designer of your presentations so they don't have to go around to each and every ProPresenter station and recreate a design. Now they can just create it once and install it anywhere.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like:

Language Localization

Localization Renewed Vision is opening its doors to the world with language-localization in ProPresenter 5. Below is a list of what languages are supported natively in the interface and what languages are coming. From here, we will strategically roll out support for additional languages over time.

  • English: standard
  • Spanish: built-in
  • Portuguese: built-in (Mac only, not supported on Windows)
  • Korean: built-in (Mac only, not supported on Windows)

There is no interface element for setting this in ProPresenter. Instead, ProPresenter simply uses the localization setting that's selected in "Language and Text" System Preference as shown below:

Master Control Module

An entirely new and exciting module is available for ProPresenter 5. The "Master Control Module" allows one operator to control multiple ProPresenter Network Nodes from one computer.

This is a highly useful feature for productions where one may need to utilize multiple instances of ProPresenter to control multiple screens, each with varying content, but want one operator to control them all in unison from one station. This new module allows one Master ProPresenter Station to remotely trigger slides and Video/Image bin contents of one or more networked ProPresenter stations. Each station can have their own respective content suitable for its output, so it can be the same or different material than the Master station (great for multi-lingual environments).

This feature is available on the Mac and PC version. All systems will be capable of being a Network Node out of the box, but to utilize this capability a Master Control Module must be purchased and installed on one system.

Network nodes are connected to in the "Network" Preferences panel of ProPresenter:

Full Synchronization

Full Synchronization ProPresenter 4 introduced the ability to synchronize a user's library of documents easily across volumes. ProPresenter 5 greatly expands this feature, allowing user's to synchronize all other elements - media, templates, playlists, messages, and even Stage Display layouts. This is extremely useful for any organization using ProPresenter on more than one system. It helps manage all elements of presentations across multiple installations throughout the campus.

The Synchronization panel now has all these options to choose from:

Multi-Screen Improvements

Multi-Screen Improvements Along with multiple template enhancement for our Multi-Screen Module (sold separately; previously called 'Advanced Module'); , we've added two additional features inspired by the requests of our users:

  • Cued Layouts: Now you can save presets for multi-screen layouts and set slide-specific cues to change the multi-screen layout when a slide is selected. This makes it very easy for even a volunteer to change from a 3-wide video layout to a tiled layout and back since it's just part of the programmed presentation.
  • Live Video Control: ProPresenter's Live Video feed now resides on its own layer that can be turned on/off independently of the video layer. This allows you, for example, to have one output with words over a live camera feed, and another with words over motion backgrounds. When combined with the new Cued Layouts, the Multi-Screen module offers a whole new level of flexibility.

NOTE: All users that have the Advanced Module in ProPresenter 4 will be able to take advantage of these new features when upgrading to ProPresenter 5. A repurchase of the Multi-Screen module is not necessary.

The full panel of the Multi-Screen Module looks like this:

Ticker and Scroll Text Boxes

Ticker A cool new effects in ProPresenter 5 is the Ticker tape effect. It's a text effect that functions much as the name implies - it acts like a stock market ticker like you often see at the bottom of a news cast. It's a special, single line field that scrolls its contents smoothly across the screen at an even pace. The contents can be from a local text file or an RSS feed from the Web.

Here we see a screen shot of what this looks like:

ProPresenter Cloud Buy Cloud Now

ProPresenter Cloud Cloud Synchronization in ProPresenter 5 extends the Full Synchronization capability by providing an easy and convenient way to share presentations and content across the Internet. If church staff want to work on services at home without the hassle of exporting and transferring their presentations, they can do so easily now using their own system. With this subscription service, all machines on the same account will automatically stay in sync. What you create and upload at home or the office will automatically be downloaded to your presentation machines. This is also a great solution for deploying content and presentations to multiple locations. You can easily set up presentations on one machine and it will automatically be deployed to all users signed up on that account.

alert iconMac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or Windows 7 with ProPresenter 5.1 and higher are required for ProPresenter Cloud support.

Additionally, there is a user website that allows you to see your month to date transfer amount and current storage amount. You can also see all files stored on the cloud. You can delete these files and they will be removed from all subscribed machines. Additionally, you can upload files and they will be added to all subscribed machines. This is great for content creators who may not have ProPresenter on their machines. They can log into the cloud account, upload media, and the media will then be available on all subscribed machines.

Here is a screen shot of the sync options for the cloud:

Here is a screenshot of the web window showing usage.

Here is a screenshot showing the web file listing:

Here is a tutorial of how this works:

Cloud Pricing:

Cloud service is offered on a yearly basis and is available for both Mac and Windows. Notification will be sent to the email address on file if the account approaches any limit defined below. Service can be upgraded at any time.

Tiers Storage Download Price
Small 1 GB 3 GB / mo $ ($1/mo)
ProCloud 5GB 5 GB 15 GB / mo $72 ($6/mo)
ProCloud 10GB 10 GB 30 GB / mo $120 ($10/mo)
ProCloud 25GB 25 GB 75 GB / mo $240 ($20/mo)


  • ProPresenter 5.1 or higher is required for Cloud syncing.
  • ProPresenter Cloud Sync is sold as a subscription service for a 12 month interval. Upgrades, renewals, or cancellations will be prorated appropriately.

ProPresenter Remote 3.0

ProPresenter RemoteControl ProPresenter from anywhere in your church with the ProPresenter Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iPad mini connected to your ProPresenter machine via a Wi-Fi connection. This application takes "remote control" to the next level by displaying all playlists, presentations, and slides.

The remote has two different login modes:

  • Observe Mode: Allows users to browse through presentations without affecting what is actually being presented to an audience (useful for band members who want to review song lyrics)
  • Control Mode: Adds the ability to click on specific slides to make them live, go forward or back in the currently selected presentation, and clear the presentation of backgrounds/foregrounds/audio.

Version 3.0 of the ProPresenter Remote adds some great new features for users running ProPresenter version 5, including:

  • "Producer" tools for the person in charge of the event (such as a Producer or Technical Director). It provides quick control of all the timers and messages. You can also send a Stage Display message or choose the layout being used on the Stage Display right from the remote.
  • A "simple" remote mode with an interface that you can operate without even looking. With large forward and next buttons reminiscent of a traditional presentation remote, it has the added benefit of showing current and next slide contents and current slide notes.
  • Elegant "Twitter" moderation allows a seperate individual to moderate and approve tweets for display via ProPresenter. Moderation is often a time consuming task requiring close focus, which does not work well for an operator trying to keep up with songs or a presenter. This separates this activity in an easy and elegant manner.

Download Pro Remote from iTunes

Then go to the ProPresenter preference settings and select the "Network" tab. Check to enable to feature and set the respective passwords.

ProRemote Network Tab

The ProPresenter Remote Interface is clean and simple, allowing you to monitor or control any song of any playlist (screens shots from left to right are Login, Library, Playlist, Song, and Simple Remote).

ProPresenter Remote 3

Seen below from left to right is the horizontal Producer view on an iPhone 5, a horizontal view of a scripture presentation on a full iPad (with Playlist on left), and a vertical view of the Producer screen on an iPad mini.

ProPresenter Remote 3

alert iconNote: Having Bluetooth enabled is known to slow the app down a great deal, so it's recommended Bluetooth be turned off for optimal performance.

General Enhancements

General Enhancements ProPresenter 5 contains a number of smaller, general enhancements with the user interface and other functional aspects of the program. Included in these enhancements are:

  • Duration Stamp: When videos clips are imported, a duration stamp is now placed on the lower left corner of the clip so it's easy to know at a glimpse how long that clip is.
  • Dragging and Dropping Clips: To move clips around in ProPresenter 5, it's no longer necessary to hold down the "Command" or "Control" key as has been required in the past. This still works if you are used to it, but now Pro5 detects the difference between a click-hold-and-drag versus just a click and performs as intended. This also works for dragging and dropping elements from the Video/Image Bin to the slide area to set cues.
  • Resizable Preview Window: The Preview Window can now grow or shrink in size, according to one's personal preference.
  • Playlist Only Button: Now there's a single button to hide the Library and list of Playlists so only the selected Playlist is viewed. This makes it quick and easy to simplify the interface for volunteers.
  • New Document Window: When creating a new document for the Library, a drop down sheet allows you to name and select some properties for the document at creation (all of which can be edited later if desired).

Free Media Bundle ($450-$800 value!)

Free Media Bundle Our latest free media bundle come from some of the most popular producers around. All registered ProPresenter 5 users (both upgraders and new customers) will get 60 great loops from the producers below and 120 new stills with the software. Site License purchasers get an additional 40 clips from our previous collection. That's 105 free motion backgrounds in all, plus 120 still images! All clips will be available as a free download from the built-in store.

Here is a glimpse of the free loops ($450 value):

Here's the extra 40 motion clips for Site License purchasers (additional $350 value):

And here are the still images (included with Single or Site License):

Display Engine with Multiple Objects per Slide

Pro4 EngineThe heart of ProPresenter has always been its display engine, and with the all new ProPresenter 4, you have more display capabilities than ever before. Let's start with the slides. You have the ability to put multiple objects on the slide so you can arrange it the way you want - with multiple pictures, video loops, and text boxes that give you precise control of alignment, style, leading, spacing, and margins. All while maintaining the incredible ease-of-use you've come to expect from ProPresenter.

Advanced Typography and Object Layout

Slide ObjectsObject layout and typography have been completely re-engineered and now mirror many of the capabilities found in traditional desktop layout programs. Adjustments for kerning, leading, line color, fill color, corner radius, shadow (angle, length, and radius) are a few examples. It's now a breeze for ProPresenter 4 to create and display many elements at a time offering a great deal of flexibility over what any one slide can output.

Editor Panel

There are a lot of options in the Editor Panel (screen shot above). In general, the buttons in the red square allow you to add one or more different kinds of elements to the slide such as text boxes, images, videos, etc. You can also raise or lower an object, lock an object, or turn rulers on/off. The tab buttons in the red oval allow are object specific attributes where can manipulate objects (rotate text, setting an objects transparency value, or add other effects such as outline, bold, size, etc.).

Song Automation Timeline

The Song Automation capability of ProPresenter 3 was the first of its kind in the worship software market, offering the ability to easily pre-sequence slides to an audio track for synchronized playback. We wanted to make it better.

In ProPresenter 4, the timeline feature has a new interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Create a timeline based on a manually entered duration, or link the timeline to an audio file to set the duration automatically. You can zoom in and out on the timeline to better visualize your presentation and edit from a macro view (minutes) or a micro view (seconds). Sides can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline to create cues, and each cue can be moved around easily to precisely adjust when they are triggered. Cues can also be created in the traditional ProPresenter manner by starting the timeline (again, with or without a soundtrack), pressing "record", and clicking on slides in sequence.

We've also added the ability to apply an offset to all slides at once (for example, if you want to display each slide a 1/2 second earlier so the audience will see the text a moment before a verse is to be sung).

Live Scripture with AutoFlow

BiblePresenting scripture is easier than ever with the new live update capability of ProPresenter 4. Simply select the Book, Chapter and verse from a pull down menu, or type the search range manually. This enhancement lets you dynamically build scripture slides during a presentation in the case where you get an unexpected "live" call out from stage. If your speaker wants to reference passages on-the-fly, you'll be ready to add scripture in the format you want, quickly and easily.

  • Slide View
    Scripture Screen Shot

    Along with improved display of verse superscript and reference options, a template is used to generate the verse layout. If a verse contains more text than will fit into the text box of a single slide, the remaining text will be flowed into a new slide. This greatly simplifies the job of keeping scripture properly aligned and formatted on each slide, especially when utilizing lower third backgrounds!

  • List View
    Scripture Screen Shot

    Search results can be saved into presentations. When a verse range is found, just click the "Create Presentation" button to create all the necessary slides. In addition, ProPresenter 4 gives you the ability to add previous or next versus to a saved document.

Presentation Views

BibleProPresenter 4 allows you to view all presentations in one long, contiguous window. There is no need to click on the next item in the play list since at the end of one presentation, you can see the slides of the next presentation and continue with ease. In addition, users told us it would be nice to view presentations in a more linear fashion. Our new list view is also capable of viewing presentations in a contiguous manner. A snapshot of both views is shown below:

  • Slide View
    Views - slide

  • List View
    Views - list

Stage Display

Stage DisplayProPresenter 5 ships standard with a highly customizable confidence monitor feature. We call it Stage Display. Now you can share and communicate important information with the people on stage (band, pastor, etc.) using a third independent display from ProPresenter that the audience does not see.

The customizable view allows you to display the current slide's text, next slide's text, clocks, timers, notes, and even an alert message in a layout you configure. Text can be enlarged for easier readability and fields can be arranged in a manner that best suits your team. This view will not provide video playback, but will show still images of backgrounds as a preview of what is shown to the audience.

Stage Display 2

BibleWhile this feature is standard in ProPresenter 4 & 5, most machines do require an additional video out (new iMacs and MacBooks with Retina display do not - these systems support 3 video outs). Since most all computers only come with two by default, a third video out is required to send the Stage Display information to. You can now take advantage of a secondary graphics card installed in a MacPro (the first card supports two displays), or use an inexpensive USB video output device which will work on almost any Mac. We sell one on our website that works great and only costs $64. When connected and enabled, just run the signal from this card or adaptor to your flat panel on stage or rear wall projector.

ProPresenter Stage Display App for iOS

With the ProPresenter Stage Display App you can run a stage display wirelessly to to any iOS device via WiFi. This is a great option for situations where running a video line is too expensive or challenging because of distance or obstacles. It also allows you to use different stage display layouts on these devices. So if your Pastor only wants to see the current slide, slides notes, one clock, and nothing else on his iPad, no problem - you can create that custom view in ProPresenter and it will be downloaded to the app when he logs in and can be selected.

Stage Display panel in Pro

The interface looks the same on an iOS device as it does with the physically connected display. Version 2.0 of the Stage Display App offers all the same coloring and chord chart options that the wired version does.

Stage Display on iPad and iPhone

Display Output

iOS HDMI cableSince iOS 6 allows you to connect most iOS devices using Apple's specialized HDMI output connector, you can feed the content of the Stage Display App to any flat panel or projector within range of the WiFi signal. Imagine wanting to put a Stage Display anywhere in a sanctuary and not having to worry about the effort, cost, and difficulty of running a line to it! This feature can eliminate the need for 100+ foot cables, signal boosters, or Cat5 converters to feed the display, which can really add up in costs and hassle to install.

alert iconNote: This capability is now supported on both Mac and Windows versions of ProPresenter (Windows version and later). The viewing of formatted slides is not currently available - all fields are text only.

iTunesVisit the iTunes App Store to purchase the ProPresenter Remote application for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

alert iconNote: PowerPoint 2011 is required for ProPresenter on Lion (OS 10.7 or later). For all previous versions of OS X, PowerPoint 2008 for Mac or later must be installed on the machine being used to import such presentations to enable this process.

For the Windows version, the full version is also required (2008 or higher).

Working with PowerPoint files

PowerPointImporting PowerPoint documents into ProPresenter for Mac is mostly the same as it is for the Windows version, with the exception of one additional capability we are able to provide now on the PC. Since Microsoft offers a PowerPoint viewer for Windows applications, we can take advantage of this feature and play actual PowerPoint slides from ProPresenter (no conversion). This allows ProPresenter to essentially maintain all the native slide animations and transitions that are embedded in the original presentation and play out the same as if it were being run from PowerPoint itself.

In both versions, we have made more efficient the importing and conversion of PowerPoint documents directly into the program. In the past, this has been a manual process requiring you to copy and paste text from each PowerPoint document to a new ProPresenter presentation or export all your PowerPoint slides as JPEGs and import these images. ProPresenter automates this process for you in one simple step!

Import MenuUnder the Import Menu is the option to import a PowerPoint document. From the dialog box that appears (shown below), you'll see three selections to choose from that automate the importing of a PowerPoint document into ProPresenter. Each option creates a new ProPresenter presentation and populates it with slides according to the option selected. The first creates slides that are JPEG versions of each slide (thus retaining the formatting and layout precisely as they appear in PowerPoint). The second option extracts all text elements from each slide of the PowerPoint document and creates corresponding slides in ProPresenter with the text from these elements. The third option brings in all objects, including graphics, that appear in the PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Dialog Box

Working with Keynote files

Much as we would love to be able to offer similar import capabilities with Keynote files, the only support we can presently offer is if you manually export your Keynote presentation as JPG documents and bring them into a ProPresenter presentation. Unfortunately, Apple offers little Applescript or AppleEvent support with Keynote and even less document support.

Running PowerPoint/Keynote alongside ProPresenter

As in ProPresenter 3, you can run PowerPoint or Keynote at the same time as ProPresenter for more advanced slide shows. With these new options, however, it has never been easier to create a ProPresenter presentation from a PowerPoint slide show. You can even import multiple PowerPoint documents with any of these options in a single batch process.

alert iconNote: Custom transitions and slide builds are NOT able to be replicated on our Mac version since Microsoft does not provide a PowerPoint API for us to use. The import merely converts all the PowerPoint slide objects into corresponding ProPresenter slides and objects.

Props Layer

Props LayerThis sophisticated new props layer opens the doors to a whole host of possibilities in ProPresenter. It offers a solution to that long sought after feature request... "How do I put a my church logo as a graphic bug in the lower right corner?"...and so much more! A prop can remain on stage for just one slide, multiple slides, or for the entire presentation. This layer is independent of other layers allowing props to be triggered at any moment for any length of time, and props adhere to transparency settings for those graphic formats that support them.

The Props panel is readily available by clicking on its icon in the main ProPresenter menu. From here, it's very easy to see what props are on or off and trigger them accordingly.

Props Panel

Clicking the Edit menu brings up the Props Editor panel where Props can be created, edited, and saved as seen below. Depending on the power of your machine, you can even do a picture-in-picture (PIP) by playing a video or run a live feed into a prop.

Props Editor


TemplatesProPresenter offers template functionality with a robust mechanism for designing and applying templates to any Presentation in your Library. Any slide you customize can be saved as a template.

Through a process we call "Refactoring", you can apply this template to a single slide, a whole Presentation, or a group of Presentations in one step. Templates can even have varying resolutions since "Refactoring" is smart enough to figure out how to resize text and object location accordingly (otherwise 50 point text on an 800x600 resolution would appear much smaller when placed on a template with a resolution of 1280x1024).

Template Menu

Clicking the Edit Template Group menu brings up the Template Editor where you can edit and place elements.

Template Editor

Customizable Video Attributes

Customizable Video AttributesDo you want to set a new in or out point for a video? How about changing that background loop from green to blue without having to edit it? With customizable video attributes, it's no problem!

This adds a great deal of flexibility on how you work with videos. Now you can customize the thumbnail of a clip, modify its in/out points, speed it up or slow it down, scale it, flip it, customize the volume level, and change its hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness.

Attributes Panel

You can even have mulitple instances of a clip in different play lists and customize each one, so one clip could have many versions. It's also a good place to find details about a clip such as its name, location, size, format, length, etc. This is all done via the new Cue Inspector window which allows you to save these settings for the video clip or image.


Messages, Clocks, and Tokens

Messages, Clocks, and TokensProPresenter 4/5 offers an enhanced messaging window that's still simple to use. Now you can save multiple sets of messages that you can quickly access and send to the screen. These messages can contain dynamic data, so formatting and editing custom messages can be quick and easy.

Looking at the full message window, dynamic data is managed by a new element we call Tokens. As evident by their names, Tokens are placeholders for variable data such as clocks, timers, and text. You can interlace static text with Tokens to expedite data entry for your operators.

Messages Full Panel

When clicking on the Messages button the first time, only the variable fields for the selected Message are seen for quick configuration and firing to screen.

Messages Short Panel

We've also added several different types of clocks. There's a system clock, an elapsed time clock, and multiple countdown timers that you can give custom names. These clocks can be set or started in this panel or in the messages window.

Clocks Panel

Library Synchronization

Library SyncEver struggle keeping the Libraries of multiple ProPresenter stations in sync? We have a solution for that! ProPresenter offers the ability to synchronize to any central repository, whether it's a local drive or over a network. A central repository is simply a ProPresenter Library that is made available publicly on a network volume that other machines can access. With this in place, every system on your network can upload and download song files across the network and so changes made on one machine are available to all machines on your network.

The Library Synchronization feature resides in ProPresenter's Preferences panel. In this panel, you identify what folder (whether local or on a mounted server) with which you want to synchronize. You can opt to just download from the server, upload to the server, or do a bi-directional sync.

Library Sync Panel

In all cases, ProPresenter will compare the contents of each folder, present what files are more recent, and allow you to choose which files you wish to replace either locally or remotely.

Library Sync Panel 2

Web View

Web ViewIn this modern day, so much information and content is on the Web. ProPresenter allows you to easily share a live web page with your audience. The software provides a web browser within the interface that is mirrored to the output display — without all the extra interface pieces such as address bars, bookmarks, and other distracting elements — so the focus remains on the content of the page itself.

You can also use this feature to easily display content from YouTube or to present any Flash-enhanced websites.

Library Sync Panel

Multiple Libraries

Multiple LibrariesBloated song Library driving you mad? Are people from different groups within your organization changing the songs you've laid out in ProPresenter? There's a solution for this. ProPresenter allows you to have multiple Libraries to segment your content. Now the Youth Department can have their own Library so changes they make to songs will not catch you off guard when Sunday rolls around.

Once a Library has been set up, it's easy to switch between them.

Libraries Panel

To create a library or add a new one to the list, just choose "Manage Library". A Library is just a folder on a local or external/remote drive. Choose the one you want and it will be added to the list.

Libraries Panel

Document Based

Multiple LibrariesProPresenter is document-based (prior versions relied on a single database for all presentations). This change means more information can be reliably stored within a single document and presentations can be shared more easily since each document is just a file within a folder. This facilitates the easy export of songs and playlists via simple drag and drop operations and also makes the new server synchronization capability possible.

With the new document model, you can now just drag and drop songs or entire playlists to the desktop (or any other mounted volume) to export them.

Document Based Screen Shot

Resource Center (Info Center, Media Store and SongSelect)

Excited about ProPresenter, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Built right into ProPresenter is the "Info Center", where we give you some direction and provide answers to all the most frequently asked questions.

Info Center

Media Store

Need more videos or want to download song lyrics? No problem! Conveniently built right into the ProPresenter interface is the Renewed Vision Store (for media) and the SongSelect site! We partnered with our friends at Worship House Media to constuct a store inside ProPresenter to make finding and downloading new content a snap.

Renewed Vision Store

Song Select

Searching for and downloading song lyrics has never been easier. Just go to the Resources section within ProPresenter, click on the "SongSelect" tab, and enter your SongSelect login information. You'll have access to the whole site and when you download song lyrics, they'll be automatically imported into your library and formatted.

Song Select

DVD Playback

DVD discUse ProPresenter for all your DVD playback needs! You can create as many clips as you like from any disc by navigating the DVD and setting in and out points on any part of it to define a new clip. These clips will then be saved in your DVD bin for easy, random access. This great new feature also prevents the need for a separate DVD player, which conserves space as well as the precious input port a DVD player consumes on your switcher. This is particularly ideal for small and traveling ministries eliminating one extra piece of equipment to buy and carry around.

Below is the DVD Player window found in ProPresenter. It's very simple to add pre-designated clips that you want to be able to pull up on demand during a presentation so you don't have to navigate through the DVD interface.

DVD Window

Our DVD preferences panel has two convenient settings. Since DVDs are not the most reliable of sources because of damaged, scratched, or improperly authored discs, some users prefer to disable this source to avoid this feature. The other option is to prevent the disc from spinning down, which is a default behavior of computer DVD drives. This features keeps the disc spinning at all times, so you will not encounter a 10-15 second delay while the drive spins up. Instead, your media will begin playing right away.

DVD Window

Live Camera/Video-in Support

Video CameraProPresenter supports a live feed whether it's live from a camera or other video source offering you the ability to present a live feed from FireWire, SDI, or USB input. While this feature is convenient and well priced (included free), it does have some drawbacks with respect to latency when using FireWire (delay). It's best suited for overflow rooms or small services where you may have a single camera and cost is more important than latency. It's not recommended for larger, multi-camera venues that are served best by a multi-port switcher. Please see our FAQs page for more detail.

To configure what video and audio source you want to utilize, just go to the ProPresenter Preferences pane and choose the "Live" tab.

Live Video Settings Panel

There are a few extra settings in this panel. The first allows you to force the playback to its native aspect ratio. This prevents an image from being blown up to fill the screen and therefore won't be distorted. The second allows you to prevent that unknowing, yet click-happy volunteer from turning on the live video feed only to show themselves full screen in the auditorium via a built-in iSight! This setting is there for one reason only - it happens!

ProPresenter Remote

ProPresenter RemoteControl ProPresenter from anywhere in your church with the ProPresenter Remote for iPhone or iPod Touch! This application takes remote control to the next level by displaying all playlists, presentations, and slides via a Wi-Fi connection. You can "observe" or "control" presentations from the stage or other remote location where having a computer is inconvenient. The application can control any copy of ProPresenter available on the network.

Download Pro Remote from iTunes

Then go to the ProPresenter preference settings and select the "Network" tab. Check to enable to feature and set the respective passwords.

ProRemote Network Tab

The ProPresenter Remote Interface is clean and simple, allowing you to monitor or control any song of any playlist.

ProPresenter Remote

icon_macMac Only! This feature is only supported by the Mac version of ProPresenter. Quartz is an OS level technology and not available on the Windows.

Enhanced support for Quartz Compositions

Quartz CompositionsProPresenter 4.2 and above supports a more complete implementation of Quartz. Quartz is a high-end graphical rendering mechanism built into Mac OS X. Whereas a background movie is just a sequence of saved images played back quickly, images and motion are calculated and rendered on-the-fly versus read from disc.

In Quartz, what we think of as movies are called "compositions". Several benefits occur from this difference. First, Quartz compositions don't generally contain or require any images, so they can be extremely small and consume very little disc space (4k versus 4mb or far higher). Second, they are manipulatable. Quartz compositions can react to the input of a microphone or camera or the author can provide for variable input fields and allow users to alter these parameters to change a compositions color, pattern, motion, or variety of other elements. Despite these differences, they may appear as just another Quicktime movie or as a ".qtz" file that you can drag-and-drop into the media bin of ProPresenter.

Quartz Property Window

As can be seen from the screen shot above, when you inspect the properties of a Quartz composition it is different than that of a movie. In this simple example, the author has created a composition that renders concentric circles that move past one another. The user is able to adjust the hue, saturation, luminosity, and alpha (transparency value).

Quartz Property Window

In this example, the author has provided for an audio input so the composition acts like a sound meter with equalizer bars. However, this also rotates and allows you to customize all the colors and the speed of the rotation.

Note to current and potential Content Producers

Quartz CompositionsIf you're an author or content producer, we encourage you to look into this exciting new capability of ProPresenter. You can use Quartz Composer (available from Apple) to create custom compositions and help build a new marketplace for this new type of dynamic visual that you can sell your work to. Also, please feel free to share with us anything you're particularly proud of. To learn more about creating Quartz Compositions, go here:

Working with Quartz

Mask Layer

Output MaskingA new feature introduced in ProPresenter 4.2 allows you to configure a full-time mask for the output window. This allows users block out sections of projected light on whatever surface you're shooting on. This is particularly useful for large, environmental projection which is a new trend that's catching on with some churches full-time or for special events as seen below.

Lights on:Blank

This is what the church looked like before starting anything.

Lights off and projectors on:Mask 1

With all the lights off and the projectors on full, this is what the sanctuary looked like prior to any masking.

Lights off with mask:Mask 2

The masked area blocks projector light from screens, choir area, main seating, balconies, and ceiling elements.

Image sent to screens properly masked:Finished

The final result is a perfectly projected image that does not show content on top of any inappropriate areas.

Video example of the above:

The video of the process is compliments of Camron Ware who is responsible for setting up the solution for this church.

The mask feature is a whole new layer that is persistant and everything sits below it so no objects can appear over it. It also doesn't clear with any of the clear buttons as would be expected. The only way to turn it off is to go into the Mask panel and turn it off manually. You get access to the panel by choosing it in the "View" menu as seen here:

Mask window

You then create and edit masks in the same Editor interface used in other parts of the program. Checkerboard area represents transparent area that video shows through and black area is where light is blocked out:

Mask window

The mask above would create this sort of output to the walls. The black area is where light (video) would be projected and the white areas is where no light would be projected so as to not affect the light coming from the projector that powers each of these screens shown on the bottom image:

Mask output 1

Mask output 2