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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.


"Every time I have the opportunity to lead worship, I want to create an atmosphere that helps people encounter our great God. ProPresenter has been the ideal way of communicating and presenting our songs. We use it every time we are on the road. It is dependable, easy to use, and most of all, creatively stunning. "

- Chris Tomlin (,
sixstepsrecords Recording Artist and Passion Worship Leader

"It's been so encouraging to watch the Church embrace creativity and the arts over the past few years, blending the projection of words in worship with visual enhancements that stimulate the mind and soul. At Passion we have found ProPresenter to be both versatile and simple to use, yet with stunning and profound results. We don't go anywhere without it."

- Louie Giglio,
Passion Conferences (

"ProPresenter has been the simplest program to bring from place to place. I can teach new users to run it in just a couple of minutes and I'm not even all that smart."

- Charlie Hall (,
sixstepsrecords Recording Artist,
Passion Worship Leader

"ProPresenter is by far the most intuitive and worship friendly lyric program I have ever used, and I've used them all. It offers unparalleled options, flexibility and efficiency. I won't plan a worship set without it."

- Aaron Shust (,
Recording Artist

"ProPresenter has really revolutionized the way we're able to lead worship. It looks amazing and is so simple to use. From now on, ProPresenter will be a part of our show experience and I'm positive it will help lead to some meaningful worship experiences for the kingdom of God!"

- Phil Wickham (,
INO Recording Artist

"Thank God for ProPresenter! It has exactly what we needed and more. Now we have the capability of bringing our own lyrics and video with us wherever we go! It's a powerful tool for touring bands and churches alike."

- Jack Mooring,
Leeland (

"We began using ProPresenter at our concerts recently and have loved the stability and ease of use. We have a lot of video content as part of our concerts and we need a stable program that delivers the features we need as a touring artist. ProPresenter has exceeded our expectations and we take it wherever we go."

- Bart Millard,
MercyMe (

"I've worked in the video/media production world for many years and have had a more-than-average exposure to the best tools of the trade. In all the tools and solutions I've come across, none can compare to the high-quality performance and the ease of use that ProPresenter provides; it's a combination that is very difficult to come by these days. I demand excellence in every aspect of the live events I produce, and ProPresenter is my top choice when it comes to a turn-key multi-media presentation solution."

- Stephen Proctor, Producer / VJ
gi*inc (

"Pro Presenter has FINALLY allowed us to have an easy to use, professional looking video presence at our concerts. The best things for us are how we can easily build a set list in seconds in ProPresenter then have a volunteer run the program with the click of one button.... full proof!
When a person on our team is running the computer we can create dynamic effects by changing backgrounds on the fly to supplement (or make up for) whatever light show is going on.
Our church, Ecclesia, has also embraced the product and our volunteers love it. No more clicking through slides during the message to find the right slide!"

- Robbie Seay (,

"ProPresenter has been a great asset to our services! The ease of training volunteers who either don't have any background experience with presentation programs or are not overly computer savvy, has been so simple. Most of them pick up the basics needed to run a service in about 20 minutes before a service. ProPresenter has made my job so much faster and easier both in setup prep to training volunteers to service time operation."

- Matthew Wentz, Technical Director
Willow Creek Community Church (

"I just did two back-to-back youth conferences as a first time user of ProPresenter and both reported a vastly improved lyric presentation. I was even able to follow one band that often deviated from the playlist and one time had to input 3 songs for a set minutes before the band went on stage. ProPresenter made it so easy. And a lot of fun. And both teams asked me to commit again.

I've been selling people on your product as much as I can. The ease of which it works just invites people to ask. Worth every penny."

- Kevin Ledgister,
day8visuals (

"Since my first early look at ProPresenter 3, I've been nothing but impressed. If you're looking to enhance the worship experience at your church - and have fun doing it - look no further. ProPresenter 3 is the best worship media tool on any platform available today."

- R. Allan White, Video Producer
Luis Palau Association (

"Propresenter is what Mac's are all about. Easy to use, rock solid, feature packed software. As soon as I saw that this software was Mac only, I knew it would be great. And I wasn't disappointed. We just finally bought it as a church and just used it for the first time tonight at our service. I had the "Powerpoint" guys up and running in 10-15mins. They love it, it's so easy to use and so powerful.
Our church is just about to plant a sister church and we where told we had to double our current tech gear to use in the new church. With ProPresenter, we didn't have to buy another video switcher, DVD player OR CD player. I does it all. We couldn't be happier. The hard part was getting people that where stuck in a Windows world to see that, what we can do with a Mac and ProPresenter was so much better and anything on the windows platform. Now they have seen and now they understand.
Great work guys, keep up the good work!"

- Jared Bell, Head of Multimedia Productions
Riverside Communuty Church - Brisbane, Australia (

"This program has been great! Training a 13 year old how to run the software 5 minutes before service is not something I thought I would ever be able to do."

- Derrick Jeror,
Sovereign Grace Church

"Their support for this product is EXCELLENT! I had an issue on a Sunday morning and I sent them an email hoping to get a response sometime during the week and I received an email response in less than half an hour. On a Sunday morning! These guys are on it!"

- Scott Garcia, Media Director
Valley Bible Fellowship (

"After using ProPresenter for the past 6 years, I'm pleased to say that there is no other software that is more reliable, and easier to use in a worship environment. After seeing the success in one venue, we are expanding to all of our worship venues. We are already looking to partner with PVS in the future for our Satellite Campuses. Thanks Renewed Vision!"

- Nathan Hale, AVL Director
Immanuel Bible Church (

"This is the best presentation software we have ever used. It is easy to navigate and so easy to use on the fly. Words can not express how pleased and happy we are to have found this program. "

- Brian Gibson, Worship Arts Pastor
Church at the Brook (

"AWESOME PRODUCT! Has cut our lyric prep time in half. We are using this program in the over 10 different services that we have a week in 7 different venues at the church. What we love most about it, is how easy it is to train a volunteer on. Can't function without it!"

- Bobby Falconnier,
First Baptist Orlando (

"ProPresenter has been a terrific asset to our services. We operate ProPresenter across both of our campuses and its ease of use and dependability have been incredible!"

- David Caudle, Technical Director
College Church of the Nazarene (

"One of my first acts as an incoming worship pastor was to purchase a Mac and a copy of ProPresenter. I'd seen it in action at my previous church and it is by far the most "bang for the buck" presentation software I've ever seen. We went from bland PowerPoint to "WOW!" worship visuals in a single week. It's so easy for the volunteers and gave them a platform to start really being creative on. I can't say enough about how great it is!"

- Allan Clarke, Worship and Creative Arts Pastor
Cross Point Vineyard (

"Honestly I was apprehensive of paying such an amount. I bit the bullet and paid the price. What a truly phenomenal APP this is. Extremely powerful and slick with QUALITY updates and sensible WARNINGS. You guys got it covered. Thank you."

- Sir Dennis Coburn,

"The new updates have been so rad. LOVE the bail to logo and live video features. You seriously have saved us probably thousands of bucks. All I have to do is plug my HD cam into my mac via firewire and my pastor is on the I can put a lower 3rd on him by making a PNG with a transparent background. What a great update. I also like the print feature. You guys rock all the socks."

- Justin Kowalski, Creative Director
Sandals Church (

"ProPresenter (and Renewed Vision) have literally changed the scope of worship in our church. For those who have the desire for more participation and less spectating this is the program for you!"

- Milan Ford, Author
The Pew View (A Blogspot For Church Leaders) (

"The NEW live video feed behind the text looks so professional! It is truly awesome!"

- Chris Searcy, Minister of Media
First Denton East

"Investing in a MacBook and ProPresenter is probably the best thing we could have done for our Sunday morning environment. I don't know how we could do it without them. Seriously. "

- Jumaine Jones,
Limeade (

"Life Church purchased a single user license of ProPresenter and quickly realized how important this program is to our services and upgraded to a site license."

- Lee Erickson,
Life Church

"I have used just about every presentation software out there and nothing compares to the flawless, simple interface of ProPresenter. It is truly the workhorse of presenting lyrics in a worship enviroment. It just flat out works everytime.

Thanks for making my part of serving so simple and stress free."

- Jeff Corbin,

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with this software. We have been using multiple screens and doing a lot of media and were really missing "this" piece. Keep it up, your are doing a great job..."

- Rev. Timothy G. Smith (,

"We've been using Renewed Vision products for many years now. I can absolutely say that their programs have changed our ability to create environments that not only keep pace with the technology of the culture, but in most cases sets the bar for the culture. Because their programs are so intuitive and easy to use, very often we accomplish incredible results while using volunteers and relatively inexperienced operators. Regardless of weather we use their programs in-conjunction with the most advanced technology on the market or as stand only programs, I can always count on Renewed Vision to deliver a very stable and reliable product. "

- Brian Pirkle, COO
BigStuf Events, Inc.

"Renewed Vision's Pro Presenter has given us a terrific and easy to use tool to do a seamless mix of video, DVD and still images during our worship presentations. Our media crew are having a field day trying out new stuff and firing up their creativity. It has taken our production abilities to the next level of excellence and with a Mac based operating system, has made the whole job a lot smoother. "

- Rick Bundschuh,
Kauai Christian Fellowship

"After only running ProPresenter live for one church service I was asked to supply word support to a Choir re-union of approx 350 people, from a wide variety of other churches, at very short notice. Some of the material even arrived after the event had begun! ProPresenter coped with it all with ease and after it was finished there was a constant stream of inquiries as to how it was all put together, so well, so quickly, many from operators from other churches who run alternative systems. This proves to me that we chose the best system available for the job. The only downside is that we will have to factor in some time at the end of shows to show off our new system! Thanks again for a great product. "

- Don Cunningham,
Merrylea Parish Church

"ProPresenter is awesome.. and we've never "looked better" as a church... thanks for helping us shine... While it might just seem like bells and whistles... we've really been able to keep our services crisp, sharp, and hiccup free... which means that our guests are not turned off by our presentation, but they get excited about it. while that might mean nothing coming from the average business customer, it means a lot coming from a church because if our guests can get excited about what we're doing, then it's only a matter of time before they get excited about what God is doing. So while your job probably sees few rewards.... I just want you to know that you are helping lead people to Jesus up here in "Podunk" Pennsylvania!"

- Josh Hatcher,
Open Arms Bradford

"I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased we are with our Pro Presenter System! It has been just the right solution for both Lyric support and Video Clip playback in our Video Venue. Our volunteers love it and it has done the job better than anything we have ever used before. I plan to eventually move every venue on campus over to ProPresenter and will recommend it to all our church plants."

- Ken Kilgore,
Crossroads Church Newnan

"In my opinion this is the best worship presentation software that I have ever used. ProPresenter is a volunteers dream because it is so easy to use that anyone can pick it up in a matter of minutes."

- Lance Bradley,
Spartanburg Community Church

"I've said this to you guys before, but tell whoever you have to - this is, hands down, the greatest program ever to happen to churches. I've never seen any presentation software so comprehensive and aware of the tools someone needs to run a presentation for a church service. I feel like you guys sat down with the everyday average person who runs a church presentation, then asked them what they wanted, and then designed it from there - all while maxing out the technical features. It's simple AND fully capable; which is very hard to achieve. There is no other software even close to the new 3.0 version of Pro Presenter. I would advise other churches to buy Mac computers just so they could run this software - I actually already told one friend of mine to do so. You guys hit the nail on the head. Please keep striving for excellence like this. Keep up the good work."

- Kipp Dincler,
Cornerstone Christian Church

"What a great piece of software!! So intuitive. Blows the competition away."

- Anthony Poole,
Westside Baptist Church

"Thank you very much! Your products are amazing! Finally someone who is using the Mac to do worship presentation software."

- Jim Julian,

"ProPresenter is hands down the easiest visual/music worship software on the market to use. It makes it possible for anyone that can use a mouse to be involved in the service. Our ProPresenter training class lasts about three minutes!"

- Jonathan Jones,
LifeBridge Community Church

"I began using ProPresenter 2 years ago, and it has radically changed the way we prepare for and conduct our worship services. Gone are the hours of preparing PowerPoint slides from week to week. Gone is the stress of hoping the next slide in the list is the one the worship leader is going to be singing next. And, most importantly, gone are the blank stares on people's faces when the worship leader decides to sing a song that wasn't originally planned. We have cut our prep time each week in this area down to about 60 seconds: just long enough to point-and-click our set list together each week. And when the service starts, it doesn't matter if it's a regular ProPresenter user running our words, or a first-timer this program is so easy that ANYONE can pick it up in a matter of minutes! I can't even begin to describe the amount of stress that goes away when using ProPresenter. To see the looks on people's faces as I show it to them the first time, it is just amazing. Anyone that has ever used other programs, like PowerPoint, to display words for worship services will be amazed. It truly frees you up to actually BE ENGAGED IN WORSHIP YOURSELF, rather than just a "techie" with an assignment. Our entire church, from students to adults, now uses ProPresenter for all our main services, and we couldn't be happier with the results."

- Rob Greene,
Director of Creative Communications, North Metro Church (Kennesaw, GA)

"After reading the thick manual, I tried out [a competing product]. Then I tried to find your manual and could not - don't worry, I didn't need one. That is one of the things I really like. It is designed to do a job and it does that job well. You do not have a lot of other things cluttering the view area and confusing people. I took the Mac to our practice last night (we are still using the IBM right now) and gave one of the non-computer sound guys a 30 second overview and told him to work with it and see if he could run the service. He did it with no problem and loved it. Thank for your work so far on this program and I am excited about how it will help us in our worship service. You have done a good job and I have repeatedly thanked God for you and your program."

- Bill Fortney,

"Thanks again for all you do...the program is, as always, the best"

- Ben Lamb,

"LET ME SAY...WOW!!! I WANT THIS! I can't wait to show up the Windows users at church"

- Ed Chapman,

"I've never gotten such great customer service....Keep that up, and you'll have a customer for life! Also, I never said it, but thanks for developing for the Mac platform...and being someone who "gets it"..."

- Bob Christenson,

"We love it. While I do the songs most of the time, I occasionally have other people help me with them when I'm having to something else, and everyone who I have had help picks it up quickly! Also, anyone who knows anything about doing songs for church, once they get a look at this, they realize why I am hooked! Thanks for the great product. You have truly SPOILED me!"

- Brent Hardinge,

"I just wanted to thank you for ProPresenter. Its been really amazing to use and employ into our ministry."

- Randy Felker,