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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.

Creative Board App Main Window

* Mac OS X 10.5+ Required.
** Single User License allows software to be enabled on ONE computer.
*** Five Pack allows software to be enabled on five computers.

Creative Board for the Mac

Organizing creative ideas can be a challenging and frustrating endeavor. For years, creative organizations (such as Disney, North Point Community Church, the ReThink Group, etc.) have used a proven method of organizing their ideas using colored index cards and pushpins on a plain black bulletin board. The Creative Board for Mac takes this proven tool and makes it digital, allowing the dynamic creation of cards, categories, sessions, and projects -- with the ability to share your ideas with your team quickly and easily. Make changes on the fly, reorder cards and categories, save your ideas, all in an easy to use and familiar application. The Creative Board just added a whole new dimension to your brainstorming workflow.

Single License $99 5-Pack $399

Card Details

Quick Card Creation

Create cards in a matter of seconds, complete with details specific to the category the card is for. Simply double-click the card to go back in and edit the details on the fly.


Save Cards for Later

Have a great idea that doesn't quite fit the project you are working on, but you don't want to forget it? Just create the card, add the details, and drag it to your archive for later use.

Full Screen

Minimize Distractions

When you're in the zone, the last thing you want is to be distracted. That's why we give you the ability to hide all your panels, leaving just you, the board, and your ideas.


Export Your Projects*

Yes, spreadsheets can be boring, but they often help show info quickly and easily. With a couple of clicks, you can transform your beautiful card layout into a variety of customizable spreadsheet formats.

*You must have Microsoft Excel 2008-2011 installed to export your sessions

Note: While not a Renewed Vision-created product, we are proud to be able to bring you this brilliant new creative brainstorming tool made by many of the users that have influenced Renewed Vision products for years. We think it's a great fit for our customers and think you will too.