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Apple OS 10.7 - Lion Released

ProPresenter 4:   Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). Be sure you're using the latest version.

ProPresenter 3:   May work with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but it's not officially tested or supported. Please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for this version of ProPresenter.

ProVideoPlayer (PVP):   We're testing a version of the application that is Lion compatible and will hopefully release that soon. So please stay with Snow Leopard or lower for now and stay tuned to the site for the update.

ProPresenter Edge Blending Moduleicon_windows    Mac Logo

This software module enables ProPresenter to create a seamless edge between 2 or 3 projectors, blending them perfectly to create one wide image. A Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go is required for this module to work. Either can be purchased below. For more information, see the product page.

Edge Blending Module
AlertNOTE: Edge Blending works in Pro5/6 for Mac and Pro6 only for Windows.
Add ProPresenter Edge Blending Module for Mac $599
Add ProPresenter Edge Blending Module for Windows (Pro6 ONLY) $599
AlertFor 2 or 3 Screen functionality, you MUST have one of the following (in addition to the Edge Blending Module above -- see 'Which Matrox is Right for Me' for more details or watch the Multiscreen and Matrox tutorials for ProPresenter here):
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with VGA Adaptors   $449
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with DVI Adaptors   $394
TripleHead2Go – Digital SE Edition (DisplayPort In/DVI-D Out) $279
TripleHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS) $349
DualHead2Go – Digital ME Edition $179
DualHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS) $249

NOTE: Modules are valid for just one computer and are non-transferrable. ProPresenter license is required to use Modules. Neither web content nor video played directly from DVD can be displayed through the Edge Blending Module.